Who we are:

Extavium: Knowledge at your fingertips

The Extavium offers an outside-the-classroom-experience for anybody who is or wants to become interested in the natural sciences. This experience will spark everybody's interest in the natural sciences and give insight into the complex processes of nature.

With its interactive exhibition and many various workshops the Extavium has been an essential part of the scientific community in and around Potsdam for over ten years.

Is it possible to freeze your own shadow? And what do marshmallows have to do with air pressure? These are only some of the questions that you will find answers to when visiting the Extavium. All objects within the exhibition can be explored and lead to unexpected and surprising results.

Families can visit the Extavium and find out all about the natural sciences. Even the smallest children are able to explore our “small world” designed for toddlers.

An important part of the Extavium-experience are our workshops, which are targeted at all age groups.

Four times a year, kindergarten groups are welcome to the Days of Kindergarten Science to participate in 30minute workshops especially created for the preschool age group. We dig deep into the phenomena of their every day surroundings:

Why and how do the colors of the leaves change in the fall? Air – is it just "nothing“?, - and many more subjects are dealt with in these workshops. In our workshops, the children are invited to share their experience and are taken to a trip into the world of science. Also, kindergarten groups may visit us during school holidays.

Our workshops for elementary schools offer a big variety of topics such as chemistry, physics, algebra and many more. High school students are offered two hour workshops in order to really delve into one issue.

But even teachers can still learn at the Extavium: Throughout the year, the Extavium offers a big variety of advanced training.

Thinking of celebrating your child's birthday in a super fun way? No problem! Visit the Extavium at that very special day and have a good time.

Our workshops are not designed at the drawing board; instead, they are generated in our own laboratories, with our own ideas and using all the input from our skilled personnel and via interaction with our target groups.

Understanding our world – our commitment to science and conveying knowledge is made possible by our focus on combining knowledge with fun.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call us: + 49 331 60 12 79 59.